"A complete program to help catch up with the curriculum until they graduate."

HALMS for Unschooled Youth

In June 2014, in a modest and safe environment, HALMS welcomed a dozen out-of-school youths, aged 13 to 16, excluded from the traditional school system. 

For some, it was the first time they  had attended school. For others, they had been away from school for over two years. These youths had all been evaluated with the most being assessed with a kindergarten and/or grade 1 level.

One of the outstanding features of the HALMS’ unschooled program, in addition to receiving education that incorporates healthy living, personal hygiene and a balanced diet,  is that HALMS offers these youths a complete program to help catch up with the curriculum until they graduate.

When these young adults receive their diploma, they have the opportunity to access better quality jobs giving them and their families a glimmer of hope for a prosperous future. 

Without formal education, they are confined to a life in the dumpsite and reduced to low-paying income perpetuating the vicious circle of extreme poverty and vices such as drugs and alcohol.

In June 2017, 50% of grade 6 students successfully completed their  curriculum. As of May 2018, with the confidence gleaned and the experience to persevere and achieve a high school diploma, these six youths had chosen to further pursue their educational development through the Alternative Learning System (“ALS”), offered by the Department of Education (DEPED). 

HALMS continues to support these youths even after they are admitted into the local public school network.  

HALMS also offers postgraduate courses in Computer Literacy, Mathematics and English to perfect their knowledge and ensure sustenance and perseverance in their post high school aspiration.

"Follow them over the years!"

1st year - 2014 - 2015

2nd year - 2015 -2016

3rd year - 2016 -2017

4th year - 2017-2018

5th year 2018-2019