"In Manila, Philippines,

a school of inspiration and hope helping one child at a time"

"HALMS gives kids a chance to learn and develop in a safe environment opening up a world of new possibilities"

Children who are born and live in Southside Dump are destined to a life of poverty. HALMS offers them the chance to an education and hope for the future.

Our ultimate Goal

Guide the youths to confidently and successfully undertake the admission exams integrating into accredited public education system.

Once they obtain a diploma, youths can qualify for a formal job outside the dumpsite community. 

HALMS, a non profit  organisation first set up in 2014, stands for : a Home for Alternative Learning and Motivational Strategies

It takes $15,000 CD to keep the school open every year

HALMS is self funded and relies on donations from donors across the world.

$3,25 CD a day keeps a child in school.

Your donation ensure the school stays open and gives these children the opportunity to learn.

100% of donations goes toward sustaining the future of HALMS ensuring its prosperity and longevity maintaining support for the children and their families.